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taniwa is a software as a service company. A team of experts building complex software and data products with years of real experience.

text mining, computer vision, bots

node.js | Angular | .NET | java | C++ | QT
AWS | Google Cloud | Azure | OVH
DBAs | system admins | elasticSearch | 24x7 operations
Android | iOS
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We team up with our customers and partners making their problems ours. We like to involve from the begining. Simplifying is the key. Bringing results is our job.

User Experience Focused

We are not only technical people. We design with the end user in mind even when the product is very complex and technical. Products must focus on market needs. We are also a startup.


Abilities in our team (developers and system admins): C++, node.js, QT, Angular, .NET, go, Laravel, ElasticSearch, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, openCV, Azure Bot Framework, api.ai...

some references


Neurological Analysis

project link


neurological analysis and early detection of motor diseases using a smartphone.

taniwa develops mememtum and the technology to early detect neurological problems using neuromotor tests designed to evaluate the subject state such as finger tapping on the screen of a smartphone, video and voice analysis.

C++ | Android | OpenCV | Data series analysis | Neurological supervision

video surveillance

Online surveillance and recording

proyect link

video surveillance

Camera surveillance product for a security company.

A new product to manage and display and record "N" cameras per installation. We develop the backend and front processes to display and record all the video devices in realtime and with great performance.

QT C++ | QML Qt Quick


Face Detection in Videos

Project link


youshow provides short online videos for real-time social media advertising.

Automatic thumbnail extraction from videos. Youshow needed thumbnails with people and faces and we made tanimage (SaaS) for this purpose.

dLibC | C++ | Laravel


Proud Technological Partner

project link


The Real Academia Española (English: Royal Spanish Academy), generally abbreviated as RAE, is the official royal institution responsible for overseeing the Spanish language.

Taniwa provides technology consulting and development services such as: architecture design, text mining and indexing projects, App developments and business case analysis.

Android | ElasticSearch | BaseXML | Go | Angular | C++ | node.js


Inmersive learning game

project link


Guadalingo combines game ad social interactionsimprove students’ motivation and social behaviour, enriching the learning experience: the more Spanish they learn and the greater progress they make, the more fun and rewards they will have, as well as a better sensation of learning.

Taniwa develops the integration process between game, learning system and itinerary design by the teachers.

Laravel | Moodle | LTI


Text Mining and annotation

project link


bioLabeler is an automatic text annotation tool that extracts the most relevant concepts (CUIs) from free short texts, typically biomedical paper abstracts.

The concepts database is the UMLS Metathesaurus with more than 25 Million concepts from 72 different dictionaries.

Taniwa develops and owns biolabeler

C++ | Text mining and indexing library | Lumen


Health Bot for AAL

project link


Innovcare (2017) is a personalized assisted living ICT solution for older adults in order to prolong their autonomy, improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and prevent further dependence.

Taniwa provides technology to early detect neurological problems using neuromotor tests designed to evaluate the subject state such as finger tapping on the screen of a smartphone, video and voice analysis.

Android | Bot Framework | data series analysis | computer vision | mememtum


Sales Prediction Bot

project link


Walmeric provides a Lead Management platform with a complete Online Marketing and Sales suite.

Taniwa has develop a sales bot to classify end users and score sales predictoin to help human agents to increase their sales.

IBM Watson | Google Prediction API | node.js | Go


Automatic massive scalation

project link


An online platform that helps you to create video email marketing campaigns, providing servers technology and statistics. More than 75% of your email opens will watch your video

Taniwa builds and designs a complete solution to the real time scalation of the platform to adapt to massive peaks of user opening e-mails.

Docker | Mesos | Go

our team

Joselu Marina
Data | Computer Vision

Jesús Pancorbo
Backend | Performance

Manuel Fraga
24x7 | Cloud

Manolo Oterino
Data | FrontEnd

Carlos García
Android | Node.js

Aitor Gil
.NET | iOS

Adrián Calvo
.NET | Azure

Pedro Vale
Node | Android iOS

Juanan Cortés
Frontend Master

Guillermo García
System Programmer

Katelyn Melan

Micho García
GIS Developer